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Kanban System

Apogee Controls strives to find unique and efficient ways to serve its customers. One example is the kanban system. Kanbanning involves working with the customer to establish an appropriate inventory level and then calculating the number of bins neccessary to maintain that inventory without the hassle of order processing. For example, if the customer wishes to keep a total of 20 harnesses in the facility, we would set up a two-bin system with 10 harnesses in each bin. The customer would then use the contents of one bin over a week's time and simply leave the empty bin in a designated area. The bin would have a coded bar code on it that would trigger Apogee to fill it when picked up during our weekly visit. During the next week the customer would use the contents of the remaining bin and Apogee would return the first bin stocked with the appropriate harnesses. The cycle would continue without anyone ever having to pick up the phone or issue an order!

Our customers have benefited from this system in many ways. For one, they have been able to eliminate the need for a purchasing agent in the harness/electrical area, allowing that agent to focus on other areas of the business.

The result is that the customer does not have to monitor the supplying process unless he or she wants to! In essence, Apogee comes in and acts as an employee of the customer by monitoring the harness/electrical needs. It's one more way we're wired for your success!

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