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Six Sigma: It's A Way of Life

The best way to discuss the quality assurance policies in place at Apogee Controls, Inc. is to understand the force behind following Six Sigma methodologies. Under the umbrella of Six Sigma our goal is perfection. We strive to eliminate the variance among our products. The more consistently we can provide you with an exact item, the more consistently you can avoid problems in your own process. Eliminating product variance is our first objective.

To do this we use statistics to determine how many places in our process allow for "defects." Then, we systematically determine how to fortify against errors in those areas. With total commitment from every employee on every level, improving the process and our products becomes our way of life at Apogee Controls, Inc. The people who work on the job every day are empowered to look for ways to improve the work they do and encouraged to voice their suggestions at all times. Together we continually move closer to a perfect product!

We know you will appreciate the difference Six Sigma makes. It is a major factor in our dedication to you.

We would like the chance to show you that difference first-hand!

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